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Samba 4 ReadMe.

Оглавление документа

1. Abstract.

This file may be named as MINI-HOWTO or README or may be even INSTALL. It is not a document such as Samba3 official howto, but it is a manual for testers of samba4. I am not a samba-developer so I can be wrong in some places. PLease contact with me if you think I am wrong.

2. How to get.

Samba 4 now in the development stage, so you can get it using rsync or svn:

May be you will have an opportunity to get it in RPM package. Please wait for some time.

3. How to update.

Samba 4 is in the development stage now. Source code may be modified some times a day. May be some things that you think wrong now already fixed. Please read samba-technical maillist to know what bugs are fixed.
When you are using svn, you can just make in the Samba 4 source directory:

4. How to install.

The installation of Samba 4 is really easy:

Before you will starting configuration I recommend you to test your filesystem:
... (from howto.txt)

5. How to configure.

5.1 Provision

In the build directory of samba (samba4/source):

Don't forget that adminpass is a password of user “Administrator” (not root).
If you have an error like “smbscript not found” then edit file setup/provision, change the path for smbscript which located in $PREFIX/bin.

Configuration file is located in $PREFIX/lib/. It's name is smb.conf. After running provision you can see there:

Samba4 use kerberos for authentication so you must configure your DNS server. Provision script generate zone-file for you. It's name is $PREFIX/private/$REALM.zone. You should copy zone-file to the directory where other zone-files located and edit your named.conf file (if you use bind as name-server) and add strings like this:

5.2 Adding computer

7. Migrating from Samba 3.

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